Alisa Ganieva. Why Write? What to Write About? A Contemporary Writer’s Contemplations

Alisa Ganieva at the Xenia book festival in Reggio di Calabria (Italy)

Alisa Ganieva on heroes and ordinary people / Evangelical Academy Tutzing

Boris Nemtsov Forum-2017

Alisa Ganieva. Craft talk. Alisa Ganieva talking for the University of Iowa's course "How Writers Write Fiction 2016"

Radio "Voice of Russia" (London bureau)

At London Book Fair 2011

Ouzbek BBC

Alisa Ganieva reads from her story, "Salam, Dalgat!"

On Italian television

Alisa Ganieva y 'La montaña festiva' 2017

Alisa Ganieva in the Norwegian documentary about three Russian writers (0:13, 6:46, 18:43, 22:24,25:29, 26:07)

Spanish film about young Russian writers (including A. Ganieva) in Catalonia