Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom (in Carol Apollonio's translation) is among Globe&Mail's (Canada) 100 favourite books of the year 2018 (see more).

Alisa Ganieva was highlighted in the derisive literary results of the year by one of the Russian marginal critics (see more).

A new unfavorable review on Alisa Ganieva’s Offended Sensibilities came out in one of the Russian media resources (see more).

Alisa Ganieva and other Russian writers, members of the Free Word Association and PEN-Moscow shared their New Year wishes with political prisoner and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov (see more).

Alisa Ganieva gave an interview to the Russian-language Plug magazine (Estonia) (see more).

Bloggers from South Korea made a video about Dagestan and Alisa Ganieva (see more).

Alisa Ganieva continues attending daily pickets for the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine and for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners from Russian jails. She talked about it for the French-German TV channel Arte (see more).

On the day when the European Parliament awarded a filmmaker and political prisoner Oleg Sentsov with the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought Alisa Ganieva organized solitary pickets in support of his demands. Pickets were held bywell-known public figures and civil activists near the President’s Administration in Moscow (see more).

On the 70 yeas anniversary of Human Rights Declaration Alisa Ganieva took part in a Deutche Welle project #Article19ForAll. "Russian author Alisa Ganieva tells us why she is convinced that speaking one's mind is not a punishable offense" (see more).

Alisa Ganieva took part in the Moscow Fair of intellectual literature Non/fiction (see more).

Alisa Ganieva took part in the International festival of actual literature Live Word and spoke on the panel Poetics&Politics (see more).

In the end of November Alisa Ganieva participated in the Novosibirsk literary festival. She visited high schools, colleges, libraries and presented her Offended Sensibilities in one of the city’s bookstores (see more).

In November Alisa Ganieva spent two weeks teaching at the Write in Armenia camp (IWP), which united young writers from conflicting countries Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey (see more).

On November 18 Alisa Ganieva presented her book Offended Sensibilities in Yerevan (Armenia), in one of the central bookstores (see more).

On November 10 Alisa Ganieva met with her readers in Moscow (see more).

Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom is on “The best of small press” shelf at the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan, New York (see more).

On November 5 Alisa Ganieva gave a talk at the Yale University invited by a Russian politician and 2018 World Fellow Leonid Volkov (see more).

Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom is vying for the Best Translated Book Award (USA). Kasia Bartoszynska, one of the BTBA judges: "Ganieva is an intriguing rising literary star whose novels are set in Dagestan, and have a vivid sense of its local character. The Mountain and the Wall, her previous book, also translated by Apollonio and published by Deep Vellum, was a startling and surreal story, an apocalyptic tale that was moody and scattered. Bride and Groom is more accessible, but an afterword reveals the hidden layers to the story, and immediately makes you want to re-read it" (see more).

On November 3 Alisa Ganieva presented her novel Bride and Groom in New York (in Unnameable Books) – in conversation with poet and translator Ian Dreiblatt (see more).

On November 2 Alisa Ganieva and two of her IWP colleagues from Macedonia and Ukraine read selections of their work and participated in a moderated discussion with a poet and IWP Director Christopher Merrill at the Library of Congress in Washington DC (USA) (see more).


Alisa Ganieva joined the International Writing Program in Iowa (USA), this time as the Grinnell College fellow. She will be teaching a short course there (see more).

A new review on Alisa Ganieva’s new novel came out on the Russian cultural website Rara Avis (see more).

Another book review on Alisa Ganieva’s new novel Offended Sensibilities came out in the Russian media (see more).

The Russian Teachers’ Newspaper came out with the two pro and contra reviews on Alisa Ganieva’s new novel (see more).

Readers are starting to respond to Alisa Ganieva’s new novel (see more).

Alisa Ganieva presented her novel Offended Sensibilities at one of the Moscow bookstores. She talked about the pseudedetective  genre of her new book (see more).

Alisa Ganieva took part in the perpetual picket in the support of Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners in Russia (see more).

Alisa Ganieva presented her new novel at the Moscow book fair. She claimed that she had written a funny book about horrifying things (see more).

Alisa Ganieva has been on air at the radio Culture broadcasting straight from the International Moscow Book Fair. She talked about her “Dagestani” fiction and the new novel Offended Sensibilities (see more).

Alisa Ganieva joined a group of Russian and Swedesh writers and translators in Tula region where they spent three days collaborating and exchanging their cultural experiences (see more).


Alisa Ganieva's new novel Offended Sensibilities is now on sale in Russia! (see more).

Alisa Ganieva’s new novel release has been announced in one of the Russian main newspapers Russian Newspaper (see more).

Alisa Ganieva appeared on air on the Echo of Moscow radio to discuss a phenomena  of deception and lies (see more).

On the 100th day of Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike Alisa Ganieva and other writers, members of The Free Word Association, took part in single pickets near the Pushkin monument in Moscow. They also collected signatures for the exchange of Russian and Ukranian prisoners (see more).

The Open Estonia Foundation invited Alisa Ganieva to give a talk in Käsmu village and to attend some official events in Tallin dedicated to Estonia’s Independence and the country’s hundred-year anniversary. She also gave some interviews – listen to her talk on the Radio 4 morning show (see more).

Alisa Ganieva’s novel Bride and Groom is featured in the Canadian daily newspaper The Globe and Mail. “What was background now becomes foreground: the corruption, the state repression, the simmering conflict between the two mosques in town, but also the Sufi mysticism that infuses the book” (see more).

Alisa Ganieva’s new novel Offended Sensibilities is on the Top-five list of novelty books according to the editor-in-chief of The Year of Literature media (see more).

The Asian Review of Books (ARB), the only dedicated pan-Asian book review publication, came out with a review on Alisa Ganieva’s Bride and Groom translated into English by Carol Apollonio. "Ganieva’s writing is visual: the characters and settings come easily to the mind’s eye. If a film script isnot in the offing, someone should consider it. (It has already been adapted for radio by the BBC.) " (see more).

Alisa Ganieva’s new novel Offended Sensibilities is on the Top-five list of novelty books according to the popular Moscow newspapers (see more).

Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom is listed among five books to celebrate a Women in translation month (see more).

Alisa Ganieva’s Dutch translators Els De Roon Hertoge, Annelies de Hertogh  and the publishing house Wereldbibliotheek (Netherlands) have been long-listed for the Russian translators’ prize Read Russia for the translation of her Bride and Groom (see more).

Alisa Ganieva took part in a single picket near Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow claiming to release Oleg Sentsov (see more).

Alisa Ganieva spoke about the third month of Oleg Sentsov’s hunger-strike (see more).

On the Memorial day of political prisoners Alisa Ganieva visited Karelia republic of Russia and the two firing ranges in the woods where several thousands of innocent people had been killed in 1937. These spots have been discovered in 1998 by the historian Yury Dmitriev who’s now a political prisoner himself (see more).

Alisa Ganieva took part in single pickets near president’s administration – claiming the release of Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners (see more).

Alisa Ganieva appeared on air on the Echo of Moscow radio to discuss the sin of Sloth (see more).

Alisa Ganieva appeared on air on the Echo of Moscow radio to discuss the sin of Envy (see more).

Alisa Ganieva appeared on the German Russian-language TV-channel OstWest and discussed a number of hot topics (see more).

The Russian source Realnoe Vremya published the second part of Alisa Ganieva’s interview, where she talks about her upcoming new novel Offended Sensibilities  (see more).

Los Angeles Review of Books published a big article dedicated to Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom. “Moreover, as a woman writer, Ganieva injects a different gender dynamic into the Caucasus narrative” (see more).


Spanish Life and Style magazine culled Alisa Ganieva for the imaginary Russian literature team. "RUSIA VS ARABIA SAUDITA. ¿QUIÉN GANA EN LITERATURA? Sobre el partido inaugural, las apuestas favorecen al anfitrión, pero si en vez de futbol el encuentro fuera de literatura ¿Quién ganaría?" (see more).

On June the 10th Alisa Ganieva made a speech at the Moscow street rally "For free Russia, against despotism and repressions" (see more).

Another review on Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom, this time – in the international news website of book publishing and bookselling Publishers Weekly. "Ganieva’s writing is consistently witty and energetic, crafting an appropriately complicated image of a place andpeople united and divided by tradition and progress, old grudges and new unions" (see more).

On the 2d of June Alisa Ganieva organized a Global action #SaveOlegSentsov in Moscow, on the Ukranian boulevard. Around twenty writers, translators, actors, filmmakers and activists gathered together to talk about Oleg Sentsov who’s on a hunger strike for the sake of all Ukranian political prisoners in Russia (see more).

The Moscow authorities harshly responded to Alisa Ganieva’s notification about anaction in support of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, which was scheduled for June 2. "Carrying pickets at the indicated addresses will impair the functioning of life support facilities, transport and social infrastructure, create obstacles to the movement of pedestrians, violate the rights and interests of citizens who do not participate in the announced event," says the official response of the Prefecture, which was publishedon Facebook by Russian writer Alisa Ganieva (see more).

An article about Alisa Ganieva and her novels in the Culture Trip: «It appears that Ganieva is now looking to cast her net further afield. Her next project takes the writer away from the ‘inaccessible mountains’ of Dagestan into ‘a tumultuous life of a provincial Russian town infested with anonymous reports, blackmailing and morbid passions. It has adetective bent [to it] and features the most vivid social situations and characters of contemporary Russia,’ as Ganieva explains it. ‘This is my big step out of the Caucasus, at least for a while, and I’m very excited” (see more).

On the 8th day of a Ukranian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov's hunger strike started in prison in support of 64 Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia, six people including Alisa Ganieva went on a single picket in Moscow (see more).

A chapter from Alisa Ganieva’s new novel Offended Sensibilities came out in English translation of Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler in the Apofenie’s issue dedicated to history (see more).


"Her second novel in translation promises not only another glimpse into this poorly understood Muslim-majority subject nation of the Russian Federation but a refinement of Ganieva’s already impressive gifts as a writer, artfully presented by translator Carol Apollonio" (see more).

Alisa Ganieva's Bride and Groom has been reviewed by A Bookish Type blog: "Readers who are okay with laughing and then crying their way through a book will enjoy Bride and Groom. It is frequently hilarious and the social setting is brilliantly drawn. Readers who want a happy ending should probably skip this one or stop reading right before the end" (see more).

Deep Vellum (USA) finally published an English translation of Alisa Ganieva’s Bride and Groom. Check the nearest bookstore or you can order it online anywhere you want (see more).















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